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El Dorado National Forest


Classes Offered

Adaptive Camp

On the first day of this two day course, you will learn about adaptive gear and climb at Lover's Leap. On the second day we will kayak /raft on beautiful Lake Tahoe. Mark Wellman will join us on this adventure to help insure the best possible time. Kayak Tahoe will be providing boats and instruction. Call our office for reservations, dates, and prices.

Self Rescue Seminars

This course provides what every climber needs to know about self rescues, but hopes never have to use. Belay escapes, friction hitches, necessary knots, ascending/descending ropes, and haul systems will be covered.
Price: $100 (minimum of three students.)

Customize a course:

The above dates don't work for you, or is there something you want to learn or climb. Give us a call and we will develop a course that fits your needs.

Beginning Rock Climbing:

This course will introduce the first time climber to the concepts of belaying, rope maintenance and safety procedures on climbing top ropes. By the end of the course the climber will know how to use a harness, belay device, and understand the importance of communication with your partner.

Intermediate Rock Climbing:

This class is for the climber who has a general understanding of basic climbing techniques and would like to learn to follow multi-pitch climbs. We will cover gear placement and removal, anchor building and removal, and belaying a lead climber. By the end of the course the climber should be able to follow a leader up a multi pitch climb and critique the safety of gear placements and anchor systems.

Advanced Rock Climbing:

This class is for a climber who understands climbing techniques and systems who would like to follow harder climbs. The guide will conform the class to fit the needs of the climbers participating. Climbers at this level will be experienced and only need pointers to improve weak spots in their climbing technique.

Learning Lead Climbing:

This course is for a climber who would like to learn to lead climb and set up top ropes. The climber will be put on mock leads and practice placing gear. The climber will learn to set up practice anchors and belaying a second climber on multi-pitch climbs. They will be critiqued on climbing technique, gear placements, and safety and given areas to improve.

Adaptive Climbing:

This class will be for physically disabled people who wish to learn to rock climb. We will have both a climbing guide (to work on basic climbing techniques) and an adaptive coach (to work on adaptive techniques) in each class to develop the climbers.

Summiting the Phantom Spires:

On this fun adventure the goal is to summit as many of the spires as possible.