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The course every rock climber should take and the one you hope you never have to use. Lover’s Leap climbing area is well situated for this course and our guides will teach you the skills you need to be the best partner everyone wants!


Instructions will be given on escaping a loaded belay, haul systems, rappelling with an injured climber and ascending the rope with improvised ascenders.  These safety skills are both for a leader and a follower. 

We have developed great courses to get you the skills you need and to refine the ones you have learned.


Self Rescue Phase 1 $185 per climber with a minimum of 4 climbers.

We teach this course at Rescue Rock.  A perfect location away from crowds and set up just for this course.  Climbers will first see a complete demonstration of a rescue situation starting with escaping the belay, ascending the rope to the injured climber, transferring to a new anchor, and finally descending mutiple rappels with the injured climber.  From there students will be taught each skill until they are comfortable performing it on they’re own.

Dates offered                                                                                                                       

October 8th  2023  Spaces available!                                                                                                    



Self Rescue Phase 2 $185 per climber with a minimum of 4 climbers.

You have taken our Phase 1 Rescue course, practiced what you learned, but now want to polish and get more in depth with the skills you have acquired. More of scenario based class with your instructors watching and coaching to help get the skills you need dialed in.  Haul systems will be covered more in depth than the Phase 1 course

man in blue jacket rock climbing