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Phantom Spires

About 25 miles west of Lake Tahoe and 6 miles from Lover’s Leap, the Phantom Spires are made up of many free-standing formations called spires. The Phantom Spires range in height from 40 feet to 250 feet tall. After reaching the summits of the highest spires, you experience a breath taking view of the American River Canyon. This area is known for its doorknob like hand holds. Mostly single pitch climbing is done here except for the Higher Spire, which has two pitch routes.  

You will find a good selection of climbing routes from 5.7 to 5.11. Some classic rock climbs at the Phantom Spires are Tyro’s Test Piece 5.5, The North Ridge 5.6, Over Easy 5.7, Gingerbread 5.7, Lean and Mean 5.9, Fear of Flying 5.9, Turning Point 5.10b, Candyland 5.10c, Burnt Offerings 5.10d, Stepping Stone 5.11a and Golden Brown 5.11d.

man climbing on big granite spire