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Wanders of a out of work guide

By May 5, 2020No Comments

First I hope you and your family are making it through these unusual and trying times.

I would be rather writing a blog on the great climbs we have been doing with our favorite clients but as you know, business is at a stand still.  Being lucky to live in Strawberry and to be able to get out for hikes, I have been taking in the silence and the observing the little parts of the Leap we usually march right past.  Here’s a little photo tour of my wanderings.

Sunset from the top of the East Wall

Blue sky after a Spring dusting of snow.

Night hiking

The Dragon of the Hogsback

Trees above the Hogwild area

Reflection of the Leap

Phlox blooming on top of Hogsback with the East Wall in the background

My first Buzzworm of the year. Watch where you step!

Stickers coming soon at the Strawberry Station! Thanks @Zacksnowart for the design!

Moon rise over the Leap

Hopefully soon we will be enjoying everything Lover’s Leap, Phantom Spires, and Sugarloaf has to offer.

Look forward to climbing and seeing you soon!



Petch has been climbing since 1989 and has passion teaching and guiding as much as he does for climbing. At the end of an eight month climbing trip that took him and his partner from Joshua Tree in Southern California to Devils Tower in the eastern part of Wyoming, and everything in between, the final stop turned out to be Lover’s Leap. The right turn towards Lover’s Leap landed Petch in the campground in 1993. Climbing for eight months and a bank account of zero, he quickly found a job at the Strawberry Lodge. Falling in love with Lover’s Leap and Strawberry he found making a home easy. A guiding job opened in 1996 with teaching youth backpacking and rock climbing. The exciting future of guiding as a full time profession led to the opening of Lover’s Leap Guides in 2003. With his enthusiasm and knowledge of Lover’s Leap, Lover’s Leap Guides has become the most popular and busiest service to climb at Lover’s Leap. He has spent countless hours working with the Access Fund, CRAGS, and the Forest Service to maintain trails, protect nesting raptors, and community outreach. Climbing most of the routes at Lover’s Leap, he has also added numerous routes of his own. From 5.5 to 5.12D, some of his first ascents have become modern day classics. A good chance you will probably climb one of his routes when you climb with Lover’s Leap Guides. Petch is certified by the AMGA as a Rock Instructor and holds his certification as a Wilderness First Responder and CPR.